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Courtesy: SWAC.org

SAAC Spotlight: JSU's Javauny Hyde

Courtesy: SWAC.org
Release: 07/20/2016
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. – This week’s Southwestern Athletic Conference Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) Spotlight features Jackson State men’s track and field athlete, Javauny Hyde.

The freshman jumper from Kingston, Jamaica completed the below interview:

a. What activities do you enjoy on your college campus?
I enjoy listening to greatness of the Sonic Boom of the South Marching Band, preparing the JSU Tigers to fight in a football game. Also, I enjoy the regaling festivities of homecoming week.

b. What is your major/minor?
I major in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Med. 

c. How does it feel to be away from home/family?
Being away from home is a journey in itself. I feel independent and more responsible, but grateful for this journey to be here.

d. How many siblings do you have?
I have one sibling, who happens to be my role model.

e. Did any of them play a sport and/or graduate from a Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) school?
He did track and field, the same events that I currently do, but he did not graduate from a SWAC school.

f. What is it about the SWAC that interests you?
I really find the spirit of comity interesting across all sporting disciplines. The competition brings us closer together in the grand scheme of things.

g. How has attending JSU helped to develop you - as a person and as a player?
Hearing the various constraints, strengths, development and urgent meets for the SWAC staff and representative cause me to become a better student-athlete as well as a better person by constantly seeing how motivated and eager they are to helping me as well as my fellow student-athletes.

h. Who is your biggest influence in sports, and why?
My biggest influence will be my previous coach, David Riley.  

i. Who in pro sports do you pattern your game after, and why?
I pattern my jumping to Christopher Taylor’s jumping. I really admire his dedication, passion and humility and the respect for his competitors, community and lastly creator.

j. What philosophy do you live by, as an athlete?
I strive to become the best version of myself so I can help others become the best version of themselves. Therefore, together we will work both hard and honest.

k. How do you determine or evaluate success?
If I can honestly say I prepared and executed at my best, I would have a successful attempt.

l. What do you have planned after you earn your undergraduate degree? What are your academic goals?
I plan to matriculate to medical school where I can take the next step to become a medical practitioner.

m. How would you summarize your experience with the SWAC?
As a freshman, my time here has not been long, however immediately one can see the order and dedication of the athletes, staff and administration of the SWAC.

n. What plans do you have for the summer – internship, sports, jobs, volunteering, etc.?
I plan to go back to Jamaica and pick up where I left off with mentoring specific youth with the knowledge I gained from being a JSU SAAC and SWAC ambassador.


In which city where the SWAC doesn't currently hold a championship, would you like to see a conference championship held?
Shreveport, La.
Dallas, TX
Atlanta, Ga.
Little Rock, Ark.
Memphis, Tenn.
Gulf Shores, Ala.
Mobile, Ala.
Nashville, Tenn.